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Zeeland, MI


Everyone’s life is made up of little fragments of time called moments; the snap of a finger, the chirp of a bird, the vision of an eagle taking flight. They are all fresh in our mind for a small split second and then they may be gone; treasures from life that each person carries with them. With sketch pad, pencils, a bit of whimsy and imagination I have tried to capture the essence of those lost memories.
Drawing is a practical medium that can move people with its simplicity. It is language of paper and pencils rather than words and phrases. It is spoken by few and understood by many. I want the viewer to really enjoy looking at my work, to have a connection with the piece that may bring back a memory of their very own. The significance of each sketch is brought to life when the viewer has that trigger; be it a farm boy by a fence looking at the blue sky or a pair of boots on a dusty floor.
Having worked in agriculture all my life I am surrounded by pastures and fields filled with hay bales and corn rows. My work is influenced by this in many ways, yet I am still drawn to a world of western whimsy. My pieces are quick drawings that are finished in a matter of hours. Each has its own unique story to tell. All my sketches have been influenced by words, phrases and quotes that have captured my heart & soul. They are the end result of a year long challenge that I set for myself, to do one sketch or drawing
everyday. To capture a moment from my life and those around me in both sketch and words. A collection of memories not unlike a treasured photo album. Having completed all 365 days, I can look back and glimpse the moments of imagination that have been caught. I Remember where I was when I made each piece, the time of day, the scent in the air, the words in my mind.
It is my hope that when you view my drawings you will carry a small sense of freedom with you that you didn’t have before, that your memories would be touched somewhere in your past and you will remember something you thought you had forgotten. ~ J Ferwerda

Born and raised on a dairy farm in West Michigan, J. Ferwerda studied Fine Arts Painting, Drawing and Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree.


The Duke by J Ferwerda


Advice From A Tree by J Ferwerda


I Can by J Ferwerda


The Iron Cowgirl by J Ferwerda


Moonbirds by J Ferwerda


Courage by J Ferwerda


The Fight by J Ferwerda


Rooster Beyond the Morning by J Ferwerda


Cat on the Porch by J Ferwerda


Songbird by J Ferwerda


Winterwoods by J Ferwerda


Shallow Lake by J Ferwerda


Nadine's View by J Ferwerda


Matanuska River by J Ferwerda


Valdez Water's by J Ferwerda


Glory In Horses by J Ferwerda